The Psychology Behing Showtimes "Dexter"

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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The Psychology Behind:
Dexter (The TV Series)

The show “Dexter" is about a man named Dexter Morgan who lives in Miami, Florida. He works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a forensic blood spatter analyst . However, Dexter also has a second, unofficial job as a serial killer. Dexter’s only emotion is shown in the euphoric rush he feels as he puts knife to flesh. But in his everyday life, Dexter must fake normal emotions in order to disguise his “dark passenger” (his addiction to killing). He considers himself divorced from the rest of humanity since he cannot feel emotions in the way others do. As he narrates the show, he talks about normal humans as if he isn't one himself.

At the age of three, Dexter was adopted by Harry and Doris Morgan. Doris died of cancer when Dexter was 16, leaving Harry responsible for Dexter and his foster sister, Deb. Harry was a well known detective at the Miami Metro Police Department and was startled when he began to see strange, violent, and familiar signs from Dexter. Dexter started killing neighborhood animals and pets and Harry knew his urges would only get worse as he grew older. In order to keep Dexter from killing innocent people and eventually getting caught, Harry started to teach Dexter a secret “Code” of justice. The “Code” would direct Dexter’s homicidal urges towards people who really deserve to die, murderers. Nobody knew that Harry was teaching Dexter this code, especially Deb.

Deb began to feel neglected as Dexter received all of their father’s attention. This neglect eventually led to Deb’s decision to be a detective, in the hopes of winning some of her father’s love and attention. During one of Deb’s domestic dispute calls as a cop, Deb saved a lady named Rita Bennett. Rita’s ex-husband, Paul, was physically and sexually abusive during their marriage. Rita was left fragile and afraid of sex. Dexter thought of Rita as perfect. In the season premiere of the first season, Dexter said “Rita in her own...
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