The Psychology Behind Effective Persuasion and Ways to Resist It

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Topic: The psychology behind effective persuasion and ways to resist it.

I. Background of the study

Every day, people are exposed to hundreds of persuasive messages in one form or another. These persuasive messages can be found on television commercials, product ads, billboards, and even on people’s clothing. The researcher noticed that advertisements and other types of persuasive messages are so overwhelmingly widespread nowadays that people are no longer able to filter out those that matter and those that are unwanted. It is also a norm for persuasive messages to employ proven persuasive methods that exploit the psychology of the human mind. The researcher chose this topic to be able to understand how persuasion methods lead the human mind to comply. Moreover, what are the ways to resist unwanted persuasion?

II. Significance of the study
Being aware of how the persuasive messages exploit the loopholes in human psychology and how they easily cause people to comply can make readers realize that these messages they encounter everyday largely influence their decisions and can possibly cause unwanted outcomes. It will teach them to value their own free will and to avoid their tastes, views and even their identities from being manipulated in an environment that is heavily dominated by commercialism and colonialism. This study will also teach the readers of how the brain works under persuasion. Lastly, it will help them to think rationally and be warned of potential deception before complying.

III. Statement of the problem
Persuasive messages employ specific persuasion methods that

IV. Objectives
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