The Psychological Reasoning to Sam's Behavior in the Movie "Life as a House"

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, Drug addiction Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: February 13, 2013
The Psychology 1

The Psychology to Sam's Rebellion

Melanie Lafayette

Psychology 2012. Section 162 Professor Freeman December 03, 2010

The Psychology 2 In the movie Life as a House, George's son, Sam goes through new changes in behavior. When the movie begun Sam was a rebellious young teen with negative feelings toward his father. Throughout the plot of the movie Sam goes through experiences with his father as they spend time together over the summer, which brings them closer together and allows them to have a better relationship. Sam's acting out and unwanted actions were results of his parents divorce and not having a healthy relationship with his father. In Psychology, the basic concept of Nature vs. Nurture is said to Influence Development. Nature, according to Laura A. King (2010), includes “the individual's biological inheritance, especially his or her genes” (p.264). Nurture involves a persons environment and experiences. In her book King (2010) also states “early experiences are important contributors to development” (p.266). In the movie you could easily understand the nurture side of Sam's behavior. Knowing and hearing about what kind of people Sam hangs out with we can kind of understand why he dresses a certain way and why he partakes in certain activities, such as drugs. The people he hangs out with leads us back again to the divorce. Sam chooses to hang out with others like him who fell pain inside. His behaviors are a cry for help. In the movie Sam says “I like how it feels not to feel”. He does drugs to forget his problems and not feel pain. The emotions that young kids and teens go through when parents get a divorce usually include depression, anger, sadness, and the feeling that maybe they could have done something to have made the situation better. While some children and teens choose to hide their feelings, Sam didn't. He acted out with disrespect and constant anger. “No one knows whether there are actually more depressed kids...
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