The Psychological Issue of Concern

Topics: Psychology, Learning, Cognition Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: April 14, 2013
By referring to the movie, there are some scenes or plot that may relate to psychological concepts. These elements are took out and matched with psychological theories in order to analyze this film.

In the film, Billy was instructed by his father to be a boxing learner. However, he is not as strong as his classmate. Also, his technique on boxing is just a normal level. Therefore, he cannot win any games and always be fought by others. At the same time, he tried dancing after his boxing class. He developed interest in dancing. However, he realizes that his father wants him to learn boxing, so he confused about learning boxing or dancing. At Billy’s confusion of his interest, Mrs Wilkinson guided him to contemplate his passion on dancing, that makes Billy develops his belief on dancing. Billy’s belief towards his own interest was confused at the beginning, but it was changed after Mrs Wilkinson’s comment. This psychological change can be attributed to belief concept and the developmental factors of belief engenderment under parental guidance in psychology.

After Billy conformed to start learning dancing, he encountered many difficulties in the process. That may affect his belief on dancing. As shown in the film, Billy cannot do a fundamental and critical dancing posture, Billy feels distressed and frustrated. At this part, Billy wants to give up and start attributing his learning on dancing is useless. However, Mrs Wilkinson assured his dancing talent and competence and explained the fact to Billy. The praise changes the attitude of Billy. This mental change makes Billy continue to dance. Mrs Wilkinson’s comments further consolidate Billy’s belief towards dancing even facing some difficulties in the practice. This psychological change can be attributed to social cognitive theory in psychology.

Billy’s passion towards dancing is so steady. He trained every lessons and any leisure time. Billy’s father, Jackie Elliot starts to realize Billy’s interest towards...
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