The Protista Assignment

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(structures and methods)
The locomotion in the amoeba is effected by the formation of temporary finger-like processes of pseudompodia  Paramecia are smaller than Amoebas. They move with the help of microscopic hair-like structures called cilia, which act like oars to push them through the water. They swim by rotating slowly and changing directions often There is be Two Methods For Locomotion. That They use The Flagellum, That Whips Back and propel. Food Getting and Digestion

Digestion in amoeba is intracellular taking place within the cell. The food taken in remains in a food vacuole or gastric vacuole formed by the cell membrane and small part of the cytoplasm. Paramecia feed on microorganisms like bacteria, algae, and yeasts. To gather its food, the paramecium uses its cilia to sweep the food along with some water into the cell after it falls into the oral groove. Photosynthesis

(gases exchanged and methods of exchange)
The interchange of oxygen coming inwards and the carbon dioxide going outwards forms the process of respiration A paramecium exchanges gases directly with its environment through the cell membrane. A structure known as the pellicle. The pellicle, which is made of protein, lies just next to the cell membrane. Its "wiggling" motion can also be used to move the euglena Excretion

(methods used to get rid of wastes)
Amoeba possess a contractile vacuole for excretion and osmoregulation . Undigested food is excreted by exocytosis . Some wastes wastes, and CO2 are excreted through the plasma membrane by diffusion feed on micro-organisms like bacteria, algae, and yeasts. In order to gather its food the paramecium uses its cilia to sweep the food along with some water into the cell mouth after it falls into the oral groove They Exrect water from the contractile vacuole or they will pop... Reproduction

(describe methods of reproduction)
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