The Pros & Cons of Ict

Topics: Computer, Computer-aided design, Credit card Pages: 3 (653 words) Published: April 23, 2011
ICT: The Good & The Bad.

The Good

Many of the old boring jobs can now be done by a computer, which leaves workers to do more interesting tasks. •Computerization has improved levels of productivity, which means that workers need to work shorter hours and still maintain the same standard of living. •Businesses in the US must use ICT in order to keep up with their competitors in other countries. •Without ICT many things would not be possible (e.g. Credit cards, digital television, DVDs, space travel, mobile telephones). •ICT has created many new jobs; such as software development. More people can work from home rather than have to travel to an office every day. •

The Bad

Life without ICT tends to be slower and less stressful.
Computerization of many jobs in industry (e.g. manufacturing) has led to unemployment. •Many of the new ICT jobs require high levels of skills and/or qualifications, and are not easily filled by older, less ICT-literate workers. •ICT has increased the amount of work many workers have to do, and they often have to work longer hours. •Many ICT jobs (e.g. data entry) are just as boring as the jobs they replaced. •The storage of personal data on computer systems has eroded people’s privacy. •ICT systems often fail at inconvenient times – leaving businesses unable to function because they are so dependant on ICT. •Robots now do many manual tasks in factories = unemployment of workers. •Many manufacturing tasks are 24/7 – they take place for twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week – and are constantly monitored and controlled by computers that require human supervision. (Can also be a Good thing) •There are fewer paper-based data systems in offices and this has lead to the replacement of filing clerks by data entry clerks. (Can also be a Good thing) •It is rare for people to stay in the same job for more than a few years because changes and developments in technology require regular retraining as old jobs...
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