The Pros and Cons of Being an Only Child

Topics: Family, Sibling, Household Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: October 8, 2012
An only child has no siblings. A sole child for the parents, he or she has no brothers or sisters.
Being an only child has many advantages. For one thing , the child has the parents’ total attention.This is important especially when the child is growing up. When parents play with their child, spend time with him , the child grows up knowing he is truly loved and valued. This makes the child self-confident.

When there are many children in the family , the parents are forced to divide their time and attention among all the children. Sometimes, the children do not get sufficient attention because the parents are too busy with work, household chores and so on. As only child does not face this problem. Of course this can also be a disadvantage. When parents focus too much on their only child, he may feel pressured. He may not be able to feel free and relaxed.

The second advantage of being an only child is that all his clothes are usually new and of the latest fashion since the parents need to spend only on one child. He gets his own room in the house. In addition, he gets new clothes, toys and books. Children in a large family have to hand down their clothes to the younger brothers and sisters. As such , the younger ones hardly get brand new things.

As only child also gets more pocket money than children in large families. The parents don’t have to divide the total pocket money among many children. For the same reason, an only child usually gets more presents and most of the time, receives what he asks for. The disadvantage here is that an only child may become too pampered. He may become so used to getting what he wants that he does not know how to share. In large families, sharing of clothes , food , money, rooms or gifts is natural. The children in these family automatically learn to share and give. They also learn how to compromise. The only child does not have this experience. He can also grow up feeling very lonely without brothers or sisters.

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