The Prophet Mohammed

Topics: Muhammad, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 3 (1075 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The Life of the Prophet
When people think of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam, they think of war, terrorists, and violence. If people had enough knowledge about both the Prophet and Islam, those images wouldn’t even cross their minds. The Prophet Mohammed was and still is important in many ways because of how he affected people during his lifetime, the present life time, and will affect them in the future lifetime.

Nevertheless, people think badly of the Prophet. People have said he was a polygamist and a pedophile for marrying more than one woman and some of them being underage. People must not forget, this was common at the time. It wasn’t wrong then; it wasn’t frowned upon. People don’t understand the conditions that the Prophet was in. He married women who were widowed and had no family. He would take them in and care for them because no one was there to do that. He also married daughter of his closest friends and successors. Although he married a girl at the age of six, she did not live with her husband until she was nine and she had matured. Although he had and still does have people who speak badly of him because they don’t understand or just talk. But there are more people who do know and do understand why he did what he did in his life. “An aura of goodness and holiness surrounded him” (Kelen 243).

“Recite!” (answering-Islam) is how it all started. When the angel Gabriel came to the Prophet Mohammed in a mountain and told him to repeat after him the verses of God. The angle kept telling him to repeat after him but he was too terrified to do anything. Then finally, he repeated after him so that the angle would leave him. When the angle left him, he ran home to his wife, Khadijah, for comfort. She was a wise woman. She believed everything he said about what had happened in the mountain because she knew he would never lie to her and he was an honest man. She decided that after he would calm down, she would take him to her cousin, Waraqah bin Nawfal....
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