The Promotion Mix

Topics: Coca-Cola, Marketing, PepsiCo Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Describe the promotion mix as you found it. Its Coke does it need to be explained as a selective marketing mix. Well it has one all the same. The best I could find from coke is its dedication in becoming the proud owner of 60% of the market. They are in my eyes well on the way having 500 brands with 3500 products sure persuades me. They claim to have responsible marketing technique and want to fight obesity. “The Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc., showed 95.5 percent compliance in television advertising and 100 percent compliance in print and online advertising. Although we must improve compliance in television advertising, these studies affirm that our Company and our industry are moving in the right direction.” . It appears that more mass selling is being used or at least mass marketing which I think correlates. Coke definitely forecasts market potential, definitely produces several products at different prices, and identifies individual markets and targets them too. An example of a market forecast is getting into the sports drink area and marketing power aide. Having 500 products is an example of different products at different prices. Last the simple polar bear commercials show they are targeting animal lovers. Not only because of the cute commercials but because they proudly let possible consumers know they are funding saving the polar bear movement. As far as Coke in the news I was able to find articles both positive and negative. Living has a negative view on drinking coke like tooth health and nutritional values. I found another interesting article addressing Cokes desire to spread happiness to the world. Coca-Cola ‘Crazy for Happiness’: invoking the ‘good’ on January 6, 2013 Bhatnaturally Ramblings on Advertising, Apple and...
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