The Progressive Era

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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The Progressive Era
The Progressive Era was an important time in U.S history. During the Progressive Era many people were treated unfairly. For example there was child labor, discrimination against African Americans, and women suffrage during this era. This led too much rebellion across the United States.

Child labor was heavy during the Progressive era. Many families were forced to send their children into the work force in order to survive as soon as they were old enough. They worked in factories, ship yards, mills, coal mines, and more hazardous zones for 10-14 hours a day for very low pay and mini breaks. This affected the progressive era because young children did the labor instead of an adult which led to injuries and deaths. The more children, who died took away from America’s future doctors, lawyers, teachers, and other professions.

Even though the Progressives wanted to help the underprivileged there was still a widespread of prejudice and discrimination towards African Americans. Many colored people left behind the “Jim Crow” looking for employment and better opportunities in Northern cities. Even with the discrimination against them there was still numerous reform movements benefitting people of color during the era.

Women played a major role in the Progressive Era by gaining more rights as women. Women like Margaret Sanger were part of the reason why. Women were only expected to stay home, do the chores, take care of the children, run errands for the family, and have sex with their man at any giving time whenever he demanded it. Sanger educated women about their bodies and started the birth control movement. She didn’t personally create the birth control pills but

She’s known as the mother of birth control because she fought for education of women and their rights. Eventually, women were determined to gain their rights to have equal opportunity as men, which took a lot of effort and time. If progressivism had not started, women today...
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