The Progressive Era

Topics: Progressive Era, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Jerome Weston

The Progressive Era

The Progressive Era, which lasted from the 1890s to the 1920s, was an age of reform, the nation’s response to the industrial revolution. Its effects touched virtually all Americans and transformed the role of government in American society. Although some areas of American life, namely, racial issues and women's rights, were neglected during the progressive age, the groundwork was laid for future reforms in those areas and others.

During the 1900’s cities were crowded with millions of poor laborers, the working conditions were appalling. The progressive reformers did not fix everything but helped dramatically. Political powers were unable to control the rapid economic and social changes. These changes were brought about by the industrial revolution that was happening in America. Since political powers couldn’t help with the economic changes, the progressive movement grew outside the government. The progressive movement soon forced government to take stands and deal with the growing problems. The year 1886 was the approximate beginning of the progressive era. During the 1890’s the Populist Party which was made up of farmers, small businessmen, and reform-minded leaders. They were willing to confront the growing problems that America had during this time. By 1917 most of the problems that were addressed by the Populist Party were addressed by the government. The progressive era had a big impact in the role of government in the American Society. Progressive leaders during this time were Robert La Follette, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson were not really part of the Populist Party but were aware of the conditions and demanded reform. (www. The Progressive Era: The Great Age of Reform, Henry J., 13June2011)

Under the leadership of Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and many other political and business leaders, the nation began to clean up its act. By 1916 hundreds of national, state and...
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