The Progression of Slavery

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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During the Bacon’s Rebellion (1676-1677), freed indentured white servants worked along side with the white people living near the frontier and the African-Americans to fight the Native American tribes living close the border and succeeded on pushing them farther west (Shultz, 51). Because of the event, white settlers began to see indentured servants as threats to them. What happened proved colonists that these once servants “would do nearly anything to get land once they were freed from their condition of servitude” (Shultz, 1). They [indentured servants] would also begin to challenge their former masters with the lands they will acquire for their freedom due. This then has made the wealthy colonists less willing to import indentured servants to North America. At the same time, less and less people signed up for indentured servitude making the cost of indentured servants go up and the slaves go down. Therefore, decline of labor source in the 1600s led to the birth of American slavery. African-Americans have been residing in the Americas ever since the time of indentured servitude, working with these servants and enjoying the same rights these servants had – they can buy their freedom, choose their spouses, and even sue their masters (Kytle, lecture 9/15/2010). However, since African slaves began to replace indentured servants in the late 1600s, things have changed overtime. “Colonies that would become the United States were a tiny part of a much larger Atlantic slave trade” (Shultz, 70). Europeans did not find it difficult to get more slaves for Africans would just barter their own people for European goods such as guns. In the later time these once treated as servants became a “permanent” ownership of their masters, guaranteeing their masters a full authority towards them. To enforce the system of slavery, European colonists began to legislate the slave codes – depriving these slaves’ civil rights. Among them is the slavery according to the condition of the...
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