The Production and Sale of Cigarettes Should Be Made Illegal

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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The production and sale of cigarettes should be made illegal Stanislav Philippov

Writing 5
Peggy Armstrong
November 18, 2011
The production and sale of cigarettes not only has negative impact on human health, it can even cause death. This is the main reason why the production and sale of cigarettes must be prohibited. It’s obviously a big issue today, some people, mostly non smokers, are against smoking altogether, while other people think that everybody has to have the right to buy and smoke cigarettes. Nevertheless, if we look at this issue rationally and logically, and not according to the smokers’ point of view, it is clear that because of it is impact on our health, the production and sale of cigarettes must be forbidden. Everybody knows from childhood that smoking is a bad thing, but not everyone knows how dangerous smoking is. Sometimes people who smoke do not even recognize how serious problems smoking can cause. According to the article “Negative Effects of Cigarette Smoking” by Casey Holley, eHow Contributor cigarette smoking can cause many serious health problems. For instance respiratory difficulties, smoking does great harm to the lungs and heart, smokers can get chronic coughing and asthma and this is the reason why for smokers activity like running or walking are very difficult. Moreover cigarettes have carcinogens that can cause an extremely serious disease like a lung cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer. Further smoking may be the reason of circulatory system problems. Smokers are likely to have an irregular heartbeat and the risk of a heart attack is high. People also need to think about social effects, for example: not many people like how cigarette’s smoke smells and furthermore there is effect on possessions which means that furniture, mirrors, windows become hazy and items like cloth furniture and carpet absorb the smell of cigarette. Surprisingly but smoking has a small positive effect according to the article...
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