The Processor

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an electronic circuit which executes computer programs, containing a processing unit and a control


Single Core Processors with only one core(e.g. AMD Athlon Fx, intel Celeron).

A Dual-core processor has two cores (e.g. AMD Phenom II X2, Intel Core Duo).

A Quad-core processor contains four cores (e.g. AMD Phenom II X4, Intel's quad-core processors, see i3, i5, and i7 at Intel Core).

A Hexa-core processor contains six cores (e.g. AMD Phenom II X6, Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 980X), an octa-core processor contains eight cores (e.g. Intel Xeon E7-2820, AMD FX-8150).

An Octa-core processor contains eight cores (e.g. Intel Xeon E7-2820, AMD FX-8150)



Socket 7 321 PGAPentium 75-200, Pentium Overdrive

Socket 8 387 PGAPentium Pro

Slot 1 242 SEC/SEPP Pentium II, Pentium III, Celeron

Slot 2 330 SECC-2 Xeon

Super Socket 7321 PGAPentium MMX, Pentium Pro, AMD K6-2, K6-2+, K6-3, K6-3+

Socket 370 370 PGACeleron, Pentium III, Cyrix III

Socket 418 418 PACItanium

Socket 423423 PGAPentium IV

Socket 478478 PGAPentium IV

Socket 603603 PGA Pentium IV-based Xeon, Xeon MP

Socket 611611 OLGA Itanium II

Socket 940micro-PGA AMD Opteron

Socket A462 PGA AMD Athlon, Athlon XP, Duron

Slot A242 Slot AAMD Athlon

INTEL & AMD CPUYou can compare CPU by using a benchmarking software.This is the Benckmark of Intel and AMD Proceesor, find out who’s better.

How to Identify CPU Physically

A part from the possibility of identifying the processor by the system parameters under windows, there are utilities to let you get to know your hardware.

To identify CPU Physically:
The easiest way:
Right click on My Computer (or Computer under Vista) then click Properties.

Using a utility software:

Fist you need a CPU-Z...
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