The Processes: Marriage vs. Divorce. a Realistic Approach

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The Processes: Marriage vs. Divorce. A Realistic Approach
Many young people can tell you exactly how they expect their wedding day to go. Flowers, cake toppers and the colors they’re wedding party is going to wear. As they get older, they’re taste and style trends mature and evolve as do they’re ides of the perfect wedding. Doves, butterflies and music dance in their heads on a regular basis. However, as maturity sets in, the cost and how they value a dollar usually causes some downsizing. Also some compromises are to be made as they discuss plans with their partners. This is a general idea of a wedding in the mind of a typical young person. Notice I have not mentioned anything about the state’s play in this? That is because as it stands, all the couple has to do in the state of Illinois is show up to one of seven locations with a valid id and $60.00. They license will be available for use the next calendar day.

To find information on the process of marriage was simple. It was found in less than thirty seconds and there was a link that went right to the state’s website. However, searching for the exact process for divorce was a little more difficult. Researching this through the state’s websites and resources was not helpful. In order to find this information, searching for divorce lawyers for Illinois was how information was found. Learned through this method was there are two types of divorces can be filed, uncontested or contested. If a spouse files a “Petition for Dissolution of Marriage” and the other agrees, it would be considered uncontested. But if their other partner contests it, the process is longer. In the case of uncontested divorces, the couples typically reach an agreement on child support/ custody/ visitation and property and monetary distribution. However, in the case of contested divorce the courts have to disburse these which take court dates and time to complete. (Law, 2011)

Many people in today’s society celebrate the fact that marriage is a religious, spiritual and an obvious step in everyone’s live. They feel marriage is sacred and an essential part of life. An article found on a blog called “Luis’s Poverty & Justice Blog” featured a piece entitled, “Argument that the Government Should Make Divorce Harder to Obtain”. This basically states that the government should make the divorce process more difficult as a way to save marriages. According to the stats listed in this article, if you have children and then get a divorce, those children will be subjected to a life long battle with behavior problems, depression, low grades in school and are ultimately 40% more likely to get a divorce themselves. Unsure of where these stats originated, it is difficult to gauge the authenticity of the sources. This blogger, along with many others, fell a good solution to the nation’s growing divorce rate would be to make the process to obtain a divorce more difficult than it is now. They also mention briefly that states should consider recommending premarital counseling. (Rodridguez, 2010)

Rodriguez is not the only blogger or author in society who feels that the divorce process needs to be strengthened to fix the amount to marriages that go astray. According to an articles from the Michigan Bar Journal written by Michael A. Robbins, feels the same way. He compares how divorces are handled now to in the 1970’s. He also states that the court is very consumed in determining who is at fault for the divorce. Focusing on who was to blame only increases the tension and forces couples to blame each other. (Robbins, 2000). I agree that something should be adjusted given the outrageous divorce rate but because of my personal experience, I feel if the government focused more on the initial process of marriage, we could get the divorce rate at a more reasonable number.

The main issue in this would be why would states continue to make applying and obtaining a marriage license similar to a trip to the dmv for a...
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