The Process of Silkscreening

Topics: Printmaking, Printing, Anatomy Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: May 1, 2008
Silkscreening 2
The subject and content of my portfolio for the semester will be an investigation of how to utilize my hand drawings for transformation into the layering process of silkscreening. The content will be a variety of studies and images collaged together from all sorts of visual facets and collected imagery from human and animal anatomy to found images, and personal drawings. Taking influences from art noveau, i would like to create a visual paradox, a base of work that is as conflicting as it is unified. I will aim to experiment with new form and contents of design that I find original while utilizing inspirations from various people and ideas. I'd like the resulting images that I've made for my portfolio to explore the intersection of design and anatomy and the investigation of new ideas and techniques. I hope to break habits within my work and grow within my range of imagery, ideas, and application. I also want to explore the process of layers while silkscreening large and small scale recreations of drawings.

I want to use unconventional means of creating patterns and textures within the silkscreen process. My techniques will vary from spraypaint and stencil, to pen and ink, possibly incorporating photography. My goal for the final portfolio is six finished prints: two large scale and four small scale editions. the number of runs will vary between 8 to 15. By week seven I hope to have finished four small prints, or a single large print and two small prints. I hope to have finished all prints by week 13 allowing time for personal exploration within the silkscreen process.
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