The Process of Pregnancy

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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The Process of Pregnancy….
Pregnancy is an amazing journey and process. The female goes through several changes throughout nine months to develop her baby. Pregnancy is generally measured by three trimesters. The trimesters are split up into groups of three months. The first trimester is considered to be the first three months. The second trimester is from the third month until and sixth. The third and last trimester is months six through nine. Throughout these trimesters the baby develops in different stages. In the first trimester the baby takes it shape. In this trimester the baby is not fully developed and resembles a seed. Cells work together to develop the baby; eating nutritiously and exercising can further help develop the baby in a healthy manner. Most women encounter symptoms such as cravings, morning sickness, heightened sense of smell and increased appetite. The first trimester is also the most critical stage of pregnancy. Once your first three months of pregnancy are over, the likelihood of a miscarriage decreases.During the second trimester most symptoms that were encountered during the first trimester are no longer there. Most women regain energy and an increased sex drive during the second trimester. Also, the woman begins to increase size in her breasts and waist. The baby has now developed a nose, chin, and forehead and can even smile. No longer is the baby just a bunch of cells it is now developed into a human being. Although the second trimester is a better process than the first there are some negative effects of the second trimester. Constipation, gas, bleeding of gums and gestational diabetes can occur. Even though those symptoms may occur the second trimester is usually the easiest for most women. `The third trimester is usually the toughest. This trimester is when the woman endures the most bodily changes. The baby grows faster during this stage as well as the woman. Mothers usually get anxious around this point and...
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