The Process of Paradoxical Heat Sensation

Topics: Temperature, Heat, Thermoreceptor Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Process of Paradoxical Heat Sensation
Vy Tran
West Covina High School

The following research study examined the effects of using a warm stimulus cold stimulus instead of a hot stimulus and a cold stimulus to perform a sensation known as paradoxical heat. In the process of paradoxical heat sensation, a hot and cold stimulus is synchronically stimulated giving off a feeling we believe is very hot but is actually two stimuli activating together. The procedure of the experiment needed four participants, three being female and one being male. All were randomly selected and separated into two groups. All participants were asked to place one hand into cold water then in a matter of thirty seconds. Once the amount of time had been completed, the participants were then asked to place the same hand they used for the cold water into the hot or warm water, whichever one they were asked to use. The first group that was asked to use hot water said they felt a distinction of temperature change in their hand. The second group that was asked to use the warm water said they only felt a feeling of relief but the change wasn’t distinctive. This meant that paradoxical heat sensation can only take place if there is a hot stimulus rather than a warm stimulus working with a cold stimulus. Therefore, the hypothesis had been proven false. Some weaknesses that might have affected the result of the experiment could have been the fact that the participants were all in the same room meaning their answers could have been an act of conformity. Other than that, all participants did feel a change in the temperature like they were supposed to making the experiment worth doing.

The Process of Paradoxical Heat Sensation
The skin is the largest and heaviest sense organ. It contains thousands and thousands of sensory receptors that are specialized to react to one kind of stimulus, for instance pressure, cold, or warmth. When two stimuli,...
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