The Process of Kidney Transplant

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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Tina LeVan
7 April 2011
Comp 1
Josh Boshoea
Kidney transplant
A kidney transplant is one of many transplants that are being done today. It has improved since the first kidney transplant. The medication that they use for rejection is improving each day. Since they found a medication there are few rejections. There are side effects of the anti-rejection medication. Once a kidney has been transplanted in to a person the kidney could last 20 or years. Kidney transplant are being done every day and the main is because of renal disease, which means that they can no longer keep you alive without a new kidney. Most people that go into renal disease are because of diabetes. The only way a person can live is go through dialysis and a kidney transplant. The kidney transplant is very costly and most insurance will cover most of it. The transplant takes several hours and the stay at the hospital could be from days to weeks. The prognosis is getting better each year. They are finding more ways to help rejection. There is gap that keeps other race beside Caucasian. There are different kinds of kidney transplant. There is waiting list that a person that needs to be on to resive a kidney. There is two ways a transplant takes place. If a person wants to know how to donate their organs there are many ways to do that.

The first kidney transplant done with a cadaver was done in Evergreen Park, Illinois on June 17, 1950 on Ruth Tucker she was 44 years old (Time). She had a kidney disease called polycystic kidney disease. After 10 months the kidney rejected but even with that she did live another 5 five years. The reason is because at that time they did not have any immunosuppressive therapy. The first donor transplant was on December 23, 1954 on Richard Herrick the donor was his twin brother Ronald Herrick in Brigham, Boston (MailOnline). Richard lived for 56 years. The Doctor that preforms the transplant was Dr. Joseph Murray. Dr. Murray had won a Nobel Prize for his...
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