The process of International Assignments and its importance for internationally operating companies - with special focus on the Repatriation of Expatriates

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  • Published: October 23, 2013
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Term Paper
Module: International Human Resource Management


The Process of International Assignments and its Importance for internationally operating Companies – with special focus on the Repatriation of Expatriates.

Table of contents
Table of contentsII
List of abbreviationsIV
1. Introduction1
1.1 Problem description1
1.2 Objective of the term paper1
1.3 Approach2
2. Personnel recruitment and selection3
2.1 International staffing strategies3
2.1.1 Ethnocentric staffing3
2.1.2 Polycentric staffing3
2.1.3 Geocentric staffing3
2.1.4 Regiocentric staffing4
2.2 Personnel recruitment4
2.2.1 Internal recruitment4
2.2.2 External recruitment5
2.3 Personnel selection5
2.3.1 Selection criteria6
2.3.2 Final selection process and instruments6
3. Contractual conditions of the employment abroad7
3.1 Objectives of a contract7
3.2 Compensation7
3.2.1 Ethnocentric compensation policy7
3.2.2 Regiocentric compensation policy8
3.2.3 Global compensation policy9
4. Preparation and support9
4.1 “Pre-Departure” Training 9
4.2 “Start-up“ Training10
4.3 “Cultural shock prevention“ Training10
5. Repatriation11
5.1 Reintegration - Generals11
5.2 Before expatriation11
5.3 During expatriation12
5.4 After expatriation12
6. Conclusion13
6.1 Target achievement13
6.2 Prospects14
List of references16
Declaration in lieu of oath19
List of abbreviations

Conferre = compare
e. g.
Exempli gratia = for example
Home Country National
Human Resource
i. e.
Id est = that is
International Human Resource Management
Multinational Company
Parent Country National
Third Country National

1. Introduction
1.1 Problem description
Human resource management (HRM) is a strategic and coherent approach to the management of an organization’s most valued assets: the people working there who individually and collectively contribute to the achievement of its...
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