The Process of Giving a Tattoo

Topics: Tattoo, Color, Tattooing Pages: 4 (1690 words) Published: October 3, 2010
Have you ever wondered how a person gives a tattoo? I have pondered this question for many years, ever since I got my first tattoo. Even though tattoos are more common than they were years ago, tattooing is a process that is complicated and a skilled art. The process of giving a tattoo can be very in depth and difficult to understand. For many years, the process of giving a tattoo was only learned by proving one’s self to a tattoo artist in hopes that they would give you your own tattoo machine one day. Now that the art of tattooing has become so popular, it is more easily learned. There are many different steps to follow in giving a tattoo. The first step is talk with the client about what tattoo that they are interested in getting. After discussing the location, size, and coloring of the tattoo, the artist starts to set up his work area. Once the machine is setup and put together, the artist will begin the tattoo. Once the artist has finished the tattoo, he or she will cover the tattoo up and give you instructions on aftercare. The first step in giving a tattoo is setting up the machine. While an artist is doing this step, the artist should have cleaned and washed his or her hands, have gloves on, and should be in front of the client. Every tattoo artist has to take steps as this one, in order to prevent blood borne illnesses. The first thing that the artist does is take a fresh new needle out of its packaging and place it on the work area, usually a table. Each needle is individually packaged and is thrown away after each use. Next the artist takes the tube and grip out of the packaging; it has been sterilized in an autoclave or the artist may use disposable tubes, and places it on the table. An autoclave is a machine that cleans tubes and parts of the machine, making them safe to use again. This machine is similar to the machine that a dentist would use to sanitize the various tools they use in their office. The artist will then take the needle in both hands...
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