The Process and Mistakes of Recruitment in Russia

Topics: Recruitment, Human resources, Human resource management Pages: 5 (1314 words) Published: November 29, 2011
The present paper describes a proposed research study that will examine the problem of recruitment as an instrument for selection of the professional personnel. The study will be primarily concerned with methods of recruiting, types of recruiting and basic mistakes in primary interview. It is anticipated that the results of this study will be applicable to most Russian companies conscious of the problem; and therefore the recommendations of the study will be generic for the process of recruiting. The proposal includes four sections: introduction to the study (1), review of the literature(2), methodology (3), report on the results anticipated and summary (4).

The first part of the proposal introduces the background of the study, states the problem, indicates the professional significance, determines the scope of the research and presents the definitions of the key terms.

Background of the study
It is now widely understood that in every industry, no matter what product or service it provides, the human factor is a basic element of efficiency. In Russia recruitment is very young area of business. It has appeared only in the beginning 90х years of the last century. Moreover, 17 years were required, that this area has passed from the category serving in the category defining, on the same level with strategic and financial management. But to research and the analysis of recruitment, that are a base to the harmonious and effective work of the company, domestic works (in comparison from the USA and by the Europe) are very few devoted.

Problem statement
The purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the process of recruitment in Russia. This brings our study to the next aims:
To consider and collect together theoretical positions of recruiting. To consider formal and informal methods of recruiting.
To consider the basic technologies of recruiting in Russia. To consider the basic mistakes which are usually made on primary interview.

Professional significance of the study
This study seems to have a practical value for understand main trends of recruitment in Russia, general characteristic of types of recruitment and basic mistakes. Moreover the in-depth analysis of the process of recruitment probably can give valuable information for analyzing how to involve the highly professional personnel in conditions of a high competition on a labor market. What is more, this study will use different approaches for analyzing a situation with recruitment in Russia, what probably will give more deep and width database for understanding the process on a labor market. Finally, information that will be received from this research can be used for development or correction a recruiting strategy of the various companies.

Delimitations of the study.
In this study will be analyzed the situation with recruitment and HR consulting in Russia. This research will have next limitation criteria – time, territory and size of the market share of the recruitment company. Thus in the proposal will be taken only Moscow market, what connected with a hard situation in the market of the personnel (the supply exceeds demand in 1,5-2 times) Also will be taken only last year, because recruitment is very young area of business and access to the early information is very limited, moreover it contains lots of mistakes in measurements in size of the market share, in the level of supply and demand and in psychological researches. Finally, study will analyze only 3 largest companies in recruitment and HR consulting market - Kelly Services, Ankor and BLM-Konsort. These companies are engaged in hiring of the personnel in large volume in all areas of business, hence they are as much as possible informed about problems in the market of the personnel and problems of the process of recruiting, selection and hiring.

Definitions of the key terms
Recruiting – an activity of creation of...
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