The Procedure for Ames Test

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The Ames test is a biological assay to assess the mutagenic potential of chemical compounds.[1] A positive test indicates that the chemical is mutagenic and therefore may act as a carcinogen, since cancer is often linked to mutation. However, a number of false-positives and false-negatives are known.[2] The test serves as a quick and convenient assay to estimate the carcinogenic potential of a compound since standard carcinogen assays on rodents are time-consuming (taking two to three years to complete) and expensive. The procedure is described in a series of papers from the early 1970s by Bruce Ames and his group at the University of California, Berkeley. Contents [hide]

1 General procedure
2 Ames test and carcinogens
3 Limitations
4 Fluctuation method
5 References
[edit]General procedure

Ames test procedure
The Ames test uses several strains of the bacterium Salmonella typhimurium that carry mutations in genes involved in histidine synthesis i.e. it is an auxotrophic mutant, so that they require histidine for growth. The method tests the capability of mutagen in creating mutations that can result in a reversion back to a prototrophic state so that the cells can grow on a histidine-free medium. The tester strains are specially constructed to detect either frameshift (e.g. strains TA-1537 and TA-1538) or point (e.g. strain TA-1531) mutations in the genes required to synthesize histidine, so that mutagens acting via different mechanisms may be identified. Some compounds are quite specific, causing reversions in just one or two strains.[3] The tester strains also carry mutations in the genes responsible for lipopolysaccharide synthesis, making the cell wall of the bacteria more permeable,[4] and in the excision repair system to make the test more sensitive.[5] Rat liver extract is optionally added to simulate the effect of metabolism, as some compounds, like benzo[a]pyrene, are not mutagenic themselves but their metabolic products are.[6] The...
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