The Problems with Lethal Injections

Topics: Death Penalty, Electric chair, Lethal injection Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: September 9, 2010
The Problems with Lethal-Injections

After listening to the NPR (National Public Radio) discussion on lethal-Injection Problems, and doing some of my own research, I have found that lethal-Injections are now the most used method of execution in the United States. Even though it comes with problems it is still the most common use in the prison system. During 2009 out of the 52 executions all but 1 was carried out by Lethal-Injection. By the end 2009 there were 1016 executions that was carried out by lethal-injections and which nine of them were woman, on July 21st 2009 in Lucasville Ohio, Marvallous Keene who was convicted on multiple accounts of murder, he was the 1000th person to be lethalized in the United States. In other countries such as china lethal-injections are replacing their shooting method, in Guatemala; The Philippines and Thailand lethal-injections are there only method of execution known in their countries. The idea of lethal-injections date all the way back to 1888 when Dr. J. Mount Bleyer wrote an article in the Medico-Legal journal that stated lethal-injection are not only humane but also cheaper and no longer allow a prisoner to go out in an heroic way such as a hanging provided. The Doctor had suggested that the usage of an intravenous injection with 6 grains of Morphine would also do the trick, but in the end the idea was over ruled and the electric chair was introduced. Lethal- injection just and any newly introduced method by no means are foolproof, it too has its flaws. Some of its complications may it be technical or mechanical it is still the most common usage. For example on March 14th 1984 James Autrey a Texas prisoner sentence to death by lethal-injection was fully conscious and complained of pain for ten minutes after the chemicals began to be injected, the cause of his pain was later found that either the catheter was clogged which delayed the transmission of the chemical or the needle did not go into the vein...
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