The Problems of Censorship

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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Censorship for the Sake of
the Next Generation
Jake Seyfried
Germanna Community College

This paper explores the problems with the lack of censorship in today’s culture; problems such as the ease of access to mature content and parental guidance are looked at in regards to censorship. Recent events and articles that suggest there are short comings in the entertainment industry as well as in the parents. This paper concludes that a consensus between the entertainment industry and parents is nearly impossible but goes on to show the next best alternative.

In today’s entertainment driven world, the lack of censorship is a major problem. Because neither parents nor the media can come to an agreement, children have virtually free access to inappropriate material. Through internet, movies, video games, and other forms of media, the ease of access to such material is shocking. The content being released and accepted by society is resulting in moral decay and the lack of guidance from parents increases the chance for kids to be influenced by that kind of inappropriate content. Using stricter rules and parental guidance with regards to questionable lyrics, television, video games, and other such things will result in less underage exposure and a mutual benefit for both media and parents.

Children can have access to any material imaginable simply by turning on the television or going online. It seems as though technology and media have progressed and grown bolder over the past ten years while censorship and regulation have been stagnant. According to Ben Shapiro (2010) “The public has an interest in preventing the pollution of its artistic culture- and the law should reflect that interest” (p.1), parents’ biggest worry should be if their children are still protected while they are not around, but when the highest form of protection is a simple yes or no question. “Are you over 18?” it is hard to have such a sense of security. There are safeguards such...
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