The Problem with the Canadian Music Industry

Topics: Compact Disc, Gramophone record, Compact Cassette Pages: 5 (1712 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The Canadian Recording Industry:
CD Vs. Digital

Stephanie Puccinelli
November 12, 2012
City and Colour, Our Lady Peace, Arcade Fire and Billy Talent are all bands that depend on the Canadian recordi//g industry. Without this industry these bands would have had a hard time becoming known to such a wide array of people. Not only does the recording industry help make the actual recordings in the studio, but they also make it possible for artists and bands to put out songs on CDs. These CDs allow artists to showcase and share their musical talent with fans all over the world, however in recent years this has been changing. CDs are finding their way off the selves and record stores are closing. With the advancement of technology the Canadian recording industry is finding ways in which they can advance and succeeded. It is through things such as digital downloads that is keeping this industry very much alive, without it many would consider the music industry as it once was to be dead. Even though CD sales are decreasing that does not mean that the whole recording/ Music industry is dead, CD sales are just one part of the revenue. Digital downloads are now more popular than ever, however just like the CD it may not be popular forever. There will always be something new to come and take over what once was. In a world that technology is always changing the Canadian recording industry is not dying, but is very much alive by finding ways such as switching to digital downloads to keep up with the demands. “The Canadian Recording Industry Association ("CRIA") is a not-for-profit corporation whose mandate is to promote and further the objectives and interests of its members and the recording industry in Canada. The CRIA member record companies are primarily engaged in the creation, promotion, marketing and distribution of recorded music. CRIA member record companies are major contributors of Canadian content and actively seek out and nurture Canadian talent, which they market to the world.” (Canadian recording industry.) Just like vinyl and cassette tapes soon disappeared off the selves of records stores, CDs are slowly doing the same. Long ago, there was no such thing as recorded music “When people in earlier eras wanted music, they arranged to attend a concert.” (Vivian and Maurin, 73). It was not until recording sound was available that the recording industry came into existence. One of the very first music that had been recorded was done on vinyl. These vinyl records were extremely popular due to the fact that now someone could have a physical copy of their favourite songs. As time went on the vinyl record disappeared and the cassette tape began to be poplar, that was until the compact disc (CD) took over. CDs have been popular for quite awhile this is due to the fact that you could skip songs easier then on a cassette or on vinyl, As well as the fact that they were easy to transport. The Canadian recording industry benefited greatly from the sales of CDs. However in recent years that has not been the case. It is quite obvious that CD sales are decreasing and with that the recording industries seem to be in danger. “The recording industry developed largely as a means to sell physical objects – vinyl records, cassettes, and for the last two decades, compact discs.” (Sutherland and Straw, 142). With the decline of compact disc sales the recording industries are trying to find ways to adapt. These decline CD sales are not only effecting small independent recording companies but in fact larger ones as well. “One clear economic fact about the music industry in Canada is the decline of physical sound recording sales. Revenues for record production companies (labels) were $703.7 million in 2006 (the last year of available data), down from the banner year of 1998 when $1.44 billion was generated by the sound recording industry in Canada” (Nordicity, 20). There is even more clear evidence that shows that these...
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