The Problem with School Systems Today

Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: February 11, 2013
From grades 1-5 students are actually “students”. They enjoy coming to school for the purpose of learning. The students are taught valuable lessons and actually retain this information. Once students leave primary school, everything the ways they are accustomed to being taught are changed dramatically. Upon entering middle school students are blindsided with a new array of teaching methods. Learning becomes a thing of the past. It becomes repetitive. Information is only presented for the purpose of passing one test. This is a problem. There are many problems with the education system in America. Some big, some small. I believe the main problem with our education system today is the focus. The focus is not on teaching our children to retain and learn information. The focus in most schools is preparing our kids for standardized tests. Teachers spend a lot of time on preparation for standardized tests and fail to prepare students for the next level of learning. I believe the school system is basically cramming student’s heads with information specifically to pass standardized tests and not really teaching them anything. The students temporarily retain the information for the purpose of passing the test then they forget what they have “learned” shortly after. This is not the only problem with the school system just one I feel is important. The culture of schools in America needs to change. Many students have a “Just get it done” attitude in school and that is the reason kids are not really learning. For example homework, I rarely ever did homework at home. I got all of it done in school most times. In Most cases homework consists of reading a passage and answering some questions, but what does that show? That I can search for answers in a passage? While I believe that it takes individual desire to want to learn, something should be done so that students are forced to actually learn and retain some of the information being taught. Another serious problem with...
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