The Problem with Fitzburg Tire Company

Topics: Project management, Construction, Project Pages: 2 (368 words) Published: August 22, 2012
The problem with Fitzburg Tire company are that, the first, construction was already three months behind schedule. The second, costs were in excess of those projected. The third, the most of work completed in the last three weeks had to redone because it failed to meet specification. So he began to change his attitude and he began to blame Maxican works and supervisor, and everything Maxican.

Regard to Max’s attitude is that he wants to see some visible progress made without hitches, without delays, without cost overruns. He wants people working. He wants things done right the first time. He wants to increase the work tempo. He wants results.

About Sanchez Garcia’s ideas are that he warn Maestro Miguel Munoz that another mistake would resulting his termination for breach of contract. Next, he wants to hire three or four young engineers to supervise the workers. He thought that abolishing the 90-minute siesta break is impossible.

Max Bierman’s proposed are tighter fiscal and supervisory control will be placed over the subcontractors. They have to meeting deadlines and for quality of workmanship will be increased. Next, work tempo will be increase by abolishing the siesta break. Then, his assistant John Perkins will work with the project’s chief engineer and construction supervisor for overseeing efficiency. Finally, costs have to remain the same.

I think that is very difficult to change anything you met in other country, especially, it is for a construction. to my eyes, if we want to go abroad for working, we have to recognize the country cultural and to know the people’s habit at first. Then, we must make a sharply project, to arrange right people, to find the well material quality, control the deadline, to find a believable person to supervise the workers in seriously, and to plane the progress more accurately. I think Max is the main point with all problems in this case. Because he doesn’t know the cultural in Mexico and he doesn’t make a precisely...
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