The Problem That Facing of Cdsga Working Students

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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A working student is an individual who works while studying. It’s a matter of time management. In order to support their needs, they need to work for themselves. Being a working student is kind of tough for us ordinary students. Value of Study?

So when we say the value of study, it is the importance of studying for us student. Why studying is acquire? Because without it we can’t communicate with others, we can’t land a better job. Studying is simply a key for success. That’s why we are entering school because all of us believe that through knowledge we can achieve everything in life. Overview at Working Student

The Researchers topic The Academic Performance of Working Students in Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel tells about the conduct of those students who are working at the same studying. We choose this matter for us to better understand on how they manage their time and what its effects to their studies. The Researchers have chosen the topic to satisfy their curiosity. As for us student whose only supported by their parents can't encounter these way of life. So we settle this issue to be familiarize with their community. As a matter of fact they're highly regarded since they supervise their time in working and studying. We the researchers know how life hard is. Because of poor economy the youth supported themselves to be able to attend school. That is another bases why they're some students are working due to the fact of insufficiency when it come to..