The Problem of the Lack of Communication Between Teenagers and Parents

Topics: Puberty, Adolescence, Childhood Pages: 2 (378 words) Published: March 18, 2012
As well-known, communication is a tremendously vital in our everyday life, especially with teenagers. They tend to have fluctuated emotional upheaval during adolescence since they are bothered with their appearance, personal characteristics and academic performances and feel uncertain about their future. Thus, they might need the acceptance from others and want someone to talk to.

Nonetheless, seldom do they communication with their parents, instead they share their confusion or fear with friends. Despite the fact that adults have much more experience in life than teens, teens are often not aware of this and thereby ignoring the advice and directions. Consequently, they spend more time with their peers and away from family activities and hence lessening the communication between parents and children.

Due to these and other factors, the lack of communication is quite a choking problem in recent days. Teenagers are not confident enough to express their feelings as much as they did when they were younger. That’s why parents may find difficulties communicate with their children. In bid to solve the problem, I have some suggestions about how teenagers and parents can improve their communication.

Puberty, the transitional period between childhood and adulthood tends to place barriers between generations. Parents should be noted that setting limits, requesting information and using proper techniques are the better ways to communicate with youths.

For example, parents should control their own reactions to unwelcome news, not to blame and being close-minded. Parents should keep clam and adopt an affirmative stance supporting or thinking on teens’ view even if parents are object to the event or issue. Parents could position themselves as an instructor to provide advice and aid teenagers.

Not only do parents need to pay attention to the techniques when communicating, teenagers also need to do so as well. They could take the advantage of connecting...
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