The Problem of Road Rage

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  • Published : February 3, 2012
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Author Andrew Ferguson discusses a major problem American driver’s face in his article, Road Rage. Road rage is a big concern many drivers have. Road rage is the term given to aggressive and even violent driving by many people. While most road rage experience can be frustrating, it can sometimes be deadly and it is a growing problem on American roads. Ferguson reports that “Incidents of ‘road rage’ were up 51% in the first half of the decade, according to a report from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety,” (Ferguson). The article says that road rage may be such a big problem because people feel they are anonymous inside their cars (Ferguson). The fact that they feel anonymous makes them think they have permission to act in a way that they would normally consider inappropriate or wrong (Ferguson). But that isn’t the only reason. There are now more drivers on the road than ever before and people are always in a rush to get somewhere. This congestion makes people impatient and they view other drivers as obstacles that they have to get around. In fact, it is this issue, the fact that many people view other drivers as the problem that may be a large part of the problem itself. People, as Ferguson says, do not think of themselves as aggressive or dangerous on the road, even when they spend all of their time yelling at other drives and trying to move quickly away from them. Ironically, People only see others as the problem. Unless people recognize how they too contribute to the problem of road rage the dangers it creates will continue. In fact, Ferguson thinks the condition of road rage may be a uniquely an American problem because it is a natural result of the American character. Americans believe in competition, succeeding against all odds, and accomplishing their goals, regardless of any obstacles. When Americans sit in their SUVs and look out over the highway they can easily see themselves as generals in battle and they drive as if they were in a battle....
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