The Problem of Production

Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Title of the Article: The Problem of Production
Author or Reference: Schumacher, E.F., Small Is Beautiful, Harper & Row Subject or Field of Study: Science, Technology and Society
The article itself talks about how we all look at the problem of production. With today's generation, people come to think that the crisis on production has been resolved and they are falsely leaded by their leaders, experts and economists. That there is nothing to worry about and that we can live a life expending everything what's available as if like we have an unlimited and bottomless resource, which is absolutely wrong. The problem is still there and yet we keep on neglecting its existence as it’s growing bigger and bigger as the time passes by. It is becoming a dangerous threat to our lives but we wouldn't admit its influence and existence to our reality. We should try, or perhaps do open our eyes to see the reality we belong, waking us up from our fantasy and illusion that our problem in production and existence should be recognize and solve immediately.

The main point is, we are estranged from our reality and failed to recognize the value and importance of what resources we have and that is really alarming. We, consumers, also failed to see that as of now we have a very bad industrial industry in our time. These are caused by our false beliefs and error views that made us think that we've already been solved the problem. Our attitude as humans towards nature also serves as one of the reasons with these hypocritical beliefs of the other people.

The Author told us that the belief on the natural capital as an unlimited reservoir that were created by Divine powers and our pride that we have made to boost these things, increased our exploitation to our natural resources. These are irreplaceable capital that we should take care of. We neglect to care and neglect to conserve and we consume greedily not having concerns if the succeeding generation could enjoy the same resources...
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