The Problem of Human Existence

Topics: God, Monotheism, Religion Pages: 2 (551 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Evaluate 1.1: The Problem of Human Existence
Jennifer McLaughlin
Religions of the World

Throughout history there have been many theories as to why we exist, but the three main theories are monotheism, deism, and pantheism. Theism can be literally translated to “on purpose” and describes the theory that we are given a purpose by our own personal god, it can also be described as the belief that only one god exists, or narrowed down to the nature of the god or goddess and their relationship to the universe. Most followers of monotheism view god as personal, present, and active in the day to day activities of the world. This theory is related to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; believers that follow this theory may be heard saying “it’s god’s will” or stating that the things that happen in life, good or bad, are because god decided they would happen. Deism is considered the “on accident” theory, whereas god created the world and set things in motion, yet stepped back, leaving it to its own devices. This gives followers a higher power to explain the creation of the world and its creatures, but does not hold god responsible for day to day things that happen. Deism is geared more towards individual responsibility and growth, using reason and hard facts to make decisions about the individual self and the surrounding world instead of putting the credit (or blame) into god. Because of these beliefs, deism does not have a set organization like Christianity, Judaism, or other monotheistic religions. Followers make their own path in life and take responsibility for their own actions, positive events, and negative events. Pantheism is often described as the “leading question” theory, it’s more about spirituality than it is about a god and we are all here looking for our reason to exist. It basically equates god with the universe, everything is god and god is in everything. This is the hardest of the three theories to explain, but can be better...
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