The Problem of Human Existance

Topics: God, Atheism, Religion Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Nikesha Goodman
Instructor: Todd Buck
Date: 05/04/2013
The Problem of Human Existence
Many people have the question of how we humans came to exist. There have been several theories devised to explain why we are here. Many of us are aware of what atheism is. Atheism is the disbelief of supernatural or superhuman beings. It stands to reason that atheist do not believe that humans exist because of God or any other divine higher power. Theism, however, is one of the theories that some have to explain our existence. Unlike atheism this theory has a belief that we are here “on purpose.” This theory believes that there is a God and he is the one responsible for the existence of the human race and all things on earth. Several religions are devised on the theism theory. Religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all believe in theism. And then there are those who theorize our existence is here purely by accident. This theory is called deism, which usually does not embrace the thought of supernatural events. Religions that believe in this theory do believe in a God. However, they feel God is not involved in the universe beyond it's creation. There are Christians who believe in deism rather then theism. Within this belief there is no need for worship. Because deism believes God is totally removed from all dealings, the theory is that he has no need to be worshiped. This proves to also be the case with the rejection of prophets and supernatural events with this theory. The third theory that has been derived is pantheism. This theory is a total opposite of atheism. Pantheism believes in the worship of Gods of every like. Nature within and the universe is divine and nothing beyond it can be more powerful or mysterious. This theory is believed within the Buddhism and Hinduism religions. Each theory has their own rationale of what they think is the reason the universe and humans exist. All of them can leave us...
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