The Problem of Grade Inflation

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Celestino Granados
A’s are a Problem
In the article “School Penalizes Profs for Grade Inflation” by Brittany Risher, she informs the readers of grade inflation in schools across the US, and the many points of views of professors related to the reality of grade inflation. Although it has become an issue in many universities, only a few schools have taken action to decrease grade inflation. For example, Point Park University in Pittsburg decided to penalize professors for giving an above average number of A’s to students. By penalizing a professor, Point Park University is expressing to the educators that grade inflation has become a big concern for the university and they want students to receive the correct letter grade value for their work. In Northwestern University an investigation was done in 2009, revealing a 20% increase on the number of A’s that were awarded in 1999. According to Richard Weimer an assistant dean for undergraduate academic affairs for Northwestern University, students are graded on the performance of their work and nobody outside of the class will understand why a student received an above average grade because they are not reviewing the student’s work. While Economics lecturer, Eric Schulz, suggests that schools want to eliminate this problem, they should develop a set of grading guidelines. I disagree with the penalizations of professors by Point Park University because even though grade inflation is a problem, their actions will not resolve grade inflation in the long run. Grade inflation is the term used when professors give their students above average grades when in reality their work is mediocre, which means that the work completed has less value than the high letter grade given to them in the assignment. Grade inflation began in the 1960’s during the Vietnam War. The reason why is because teachers and professors began to award more A’s than usual, as a way to prevent students from being drafted into the military, because of the...
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