The Problem of Evil

Topics: God, Problem of evil, Free will Pages: 3 (1012 words) Published: December 19, 2012
God cannot be omniscient, benevolent and omnipotent simply because evil exists, is a statement of the problem of evil argument. If God was an omniscient being, he would have known everything about evil, if he were benevolent; he then would have stopped all evil from occurring and if at all he were omnipotent ha then would have been able to stop all evil. The evil exists, therefore, an omnipotent, benevolent and omnipotent entity does not exist either. There are two arguments on the evil or problem of evil. They include logical and evidential arguments. The logical problem of evil

This argument purports or tends to show a logical inconsistency between Gods existence and evil existence. Therefore, this argument starts with three ancient features that many theists believe in as true of God. The logical problem, hence, argues that such a being cannot allow or tolerate any evil. There being evil then it is automatic that there is no such being. In the simplest form of this argument is that God is omnipotent, he is wholly good and yet evil exists (Rowe 30). These three propositions specks up contradictions, as if two are true then the other one is false. The contradiction is not immediate, showing this requires additional premises. The principles are that good opposes evil just as evil is eliminated by good things. Therefore, there are no limits on the things an omnipotent thing can do. From the above, it is then follows that evil is completely eliminated by a good omnipotent thing. The logical problem of evil concludes that the existence of God and evil’s existence lead to a contradiction. According to this argument, there is no way both of these assertions can be true. The evidential problem of evil

This argument starts with the existence of the evil, but it follows a different way. It seeks not to disapprove Gods existence by looking for contradiction between God and evil existence. Facts on evil are more than human choices. The argument holds that even if...
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