The Pro and Cons of Assistance Suicide

Topics: Suffering, Assisted suicide, Death Pages: 9 (3123 words) Published: July 25, 2012
The pro and cons of assistance suicide

The pro and cons of assistance suicide
"For years, doctors have been prohibited from assisting patients in taking their own lives. Dr. Jack Kevorkian gained world attention by assisting in several suicides to dying patients; he was sentenced to over 60 years for his efforts, despite the gratitude of the patients and their families. Recent laws in Oregon and the U.K. have started a trend of legalization. But some, most notably the U.S. Attorney General's office, are determined to prevent the laws from going through” ( In this paper I am going to talk about the pro and cons to assistance suicide and what made me change my mind to assistance suicide.

There can be numerous of pro to assistance suicide. Imagine a love one having cancer. Some types of cancer result in a painful, unbearable death. Doctors have enough expertise and knowledge to know when a patient's days are numbered. How is it going to help to have someone suffer and agonizing continuously until the body finally gives out? Think about it, what it would be like to spend six months barfing, coughing, continuing pain tremors, be unable to find power of excretory functions. Then it fallows the emotional sorrow. The awareness that a patient recognizes he's absolutely going to die and the pain is only to progress or to get worse. It is more humanitarian to give the patient the choice to say when he's had enough.

The right to die ought to be an essential the right of each person. Nowhere in the constitution does it declare or suggest that the government has the right to keep a person from dedicating suicide. I believe that if the patient and the family agree with the decision of what they want to do, is no one business is it anyway. It is not going to hurt anyone else. This is a free country so it should be an essential right.

Patients should be able to die with self-respect rather than have the disease decrease them to a case of their previous selves. Patients that are dying sometimes lose all capability to take care of themselves. Vomitus, dribble, urine, feces, and other humiliations must be appeared to by nursing assistants. Alzheimer's patients agonize from increasingly crueler dementia that causes memory loss and confused wandering. Most people want others' last remembrance of them to be how they once were, not what they ended up being. We should let people die with their dignity, pride, and self-worth intact.

Health care charges can be decreased, which would conserve estates and lower cover payments. It's no surprise that payments on health care have took a main jump in costs over the last decade. We recurrently debate on how to send reasonably priced prescription drugs, care for the uninsured, and fight the skyrocketing costs. Whatever that can be fixed to decrease that load benefits. Reflect the enormous price of preserving a deceasing patient living for several months. It is not unnoticed of for medical costs to equal $50,000-100,000 to keep some patients alive ( We should ask ourselves, would this be the best way to devote our money when the patient himself would like to die? Wouldn't the income be better-quality when spending it on the patients that can be saved? You also have to demonstrate the fight on a deceasing patient's property. In general people want to be qualified to permit their children and grandchildren with somewhat when they die. Health check prices eat into that wealth. It's absolutely problematic to distribute with to give out this kind of fortune into patients that just want to end their grief. As Medicare, Medicare, and other government programs speed up in the United States to bankruptcy, at all causes a discount in total charges must be a debate.

Nurse and doctor period can be freed up to work on savable patients. We face a hazardous shortage of medical staff in...
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