The Printing Press

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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The printing press first came into effect around 1440 as a part of the Roman empire and became one of the most important if not the important invention in human history. The printing press was a machine that gave users the ability to print large amounts of paper. This opened new doors for society because before the printing press it was very difficult to produce literature. Individuals would often have to write out a whole piece of literature which could take up a large amount of time.

The printing press made a substantial impact of society. One of the major benefits of the printing press was the ability to print large amounts of paper rather than one individual writing out a whole book. This saved a huge amount of time but also gave people the opportunity to read certain pieces of literature that they may have not been able to before. Take the bible for example, people were not able to read the bible because of the small circulation of them going around and also because of the language it was in. The printing press helped solve this problem because it gave the common man the chance to read the bible and get a stronger understanding for himself rather than relying on a priest to tell him what it said. Along with the bible came translations of the bible because of the amount being produced. This gave people even more freedom of understanding literature for themselves. Not only did this help individuals but it also helped society grow. With the increase of the printing press use people were able to the read more and to understand more which helped society grow as a whole. Thus making the printing press one of the most important inventions in the world.
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