The Printed News System

Topics: Newspaper, Printing Pages: 4 (1587 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Media Management
2nd Term A.Y. 2012-2013
De Las Alas, Denniel G. October 16, 2012

Chapter 5: The Printed News System

Answer the following Questions:

1. What is a Gatekeeper as it is portrayed in the chapter? How does the Gatekeeper influence the news we see on a news-page? On the reality that we know? What can you say about this?

Gatekeeper from what I have learned from the article acts like a filter of a printing press. S/he is the one who decides which articles makes the cut or not, s/he is the one who views both of the worlds of the readers and the reporters and acts on to what news is important and essential to both dimensions, not only for the people or for the press but for the both. S/he is also the one who controls what we will know on the paper that we will be reading. So, basically s/he can control the reality that we cope to live. I think that the Gatekeeper controls the reality that we live in because we learn our reality through the things we read, hear, and see and one thing that contributes to our reality is on what happens around us brought through us by news. For instance, if I have learned from the news that there will be a price hike tomorrow, it will then affect my decisions such us, since the news told me there will be a price hike tomorrow, I will buy my gasoline today or since there is a price hike tomorrow, I will not use my car so that I could save money. I mean you see how it can affect our actions based on the news that we’ve read from print? And it is all rely in the hands of the Gatekeeper. I guess that a Gatekeeper has the most crucial job of all the workers in a printing press, because s/he holds the judgment on what news is valuable and what news is garbage and this is all based and dependent on his/her bias and judgment. What I mean is, s/he holds all decisions on what we...
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