The Principles of Leadership as Shown by Malcolm

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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The principles of leadership as shown by Malcolm X|

There have been many individuals of our time who have been described as good or effective leaders. This was due to their ability to provide persons with purpose direction and motivation and exhibit key principles of leadership. One such leader was Malcolm X, whose ability to influence others was said to be largely responsible for increasing the membership in the nation of Islam in America from five hundred in 1952 to twenty five thousand in the year 1965. Malcolm X has been widely considered the second most influential leader of the nation of Islam in America. Malcolm X exhibited principles such as knowing himself and seeking self improvement, he knew his people and looked out for the welfare, he set the example and he sought responsibility and took responsibility for his actions. Malcolm X was well known for seeking the interest of black people. He knew his people and looked out for their welfare. One example of this was in 1957 when Johnson Henton who was a victim of police brutality suffered a fractured skull and was being held in the twenty eight precinct without medical attention. Malcolm X ordered Muslims into the streets and conducted the first ever March on the twenty eight precinct. The Muslims were also joined by others in the community. After lengthy negotiations Malcolm X was able to secure medical attention for Johnson Henton. Malcolm X later took the city of New York to court and won the largest police brutality settlement in the city’s history. In addition to this Malcolm X was also responsible for setting up Muslim schools and mosques which taught children math, science, history and Arabic. Muslim women were taught nutrition, child rearing and how to care for their husbands

And men were taught parental responsibility, religion and history. Malcolm X also advocated the upliftment of black people in America and that they should move from...
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