The Principles of Infection Control

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Activity 1

A) There are many reasons why service users may want/need to communicate with you. Here are a list of reason in which they may wish to communicate; To share experiences/knowledge – They may have visited somewhere i.e. historical building or learnt something that they want to share with others. To ask questions – A service user may be unsure or con fused about something and wish to ask a question to confirm their queries. To build relationships – They may want to communicate with you to build or create relationships. To express needs – This is So they can notify yourself and others of any needs that need to be met. To express their Feelings –they may communicate with yourself and others to inform you of any feelings or emotions. B) How communication effects relationships within the workplace, communicate is used in many ways by service users, colleagues and other people. It helps alot to communication, as communication is very important and can help to build trust, negotiate, resolve conflict, Support and understand an individual’s needs and to prevent or resolve any misunderstandings. C) Tuckman’s group development is split into stages forming, storming, norming and performing. These stages develop different parts of a team. For example; forming – is giving everyone their role for example a leader for guidance and direction. Storming – The team needs to block out emotions and relationship issues, establishing themselves and their team taking position and focus on what we want to achieve. Norming – Coming into agreement about the achievement, understanding the rules and responsibilities. Performing - having shared vision and understanding why they are doing what they are doing disagreements that occur are taken into consideration by the team and resolved professionally and positively. D) Tuckman’s Group develop strategy would work effectively in my work place if the employees were willing to participate. Our team isn’t as close as it could be and we have holes in our seems by introducing Tuckman’s I feel our team and our centre would take huge progression steps.

Activity 2
A) Communication difficulties in my workplace may include; Age, Gender, culture, Language. Other difficulties may be due to disability or illness such as a stroke – May ca use slurred words or Huntington’s disease where eventually they may lose the ability to speak completely. B) I have chosen to use Huntington’s disease as we are a specialist service that can provide specialist care for each individual and I believe this illness to be rare. A service user with this disease and the inability to communicate can become very upset and frustrated as they cannot voice their opinions or thoughts. Everything is done for them, most people before they develop the disease lived normal fulfilled lives, so as you can imagine somebody doing everything for you, being your voice and your hands can feel to be quite degrading. They may signs some signs of what we call challenging behaviour but that may just be the individual indicating what it is they want. However some service users may have communicate book wish has symbols and pictures in for them to indicate what they want this is only effective if learnt before the disease progresses to sever stages. C) I have supported service users to the best of my ability and their own, may it be thumbs up/thumbs down or the communication books, and there is only a limited amount of communication that you can use with someone who has developed Huntington ’s disease. D) I Feel communicating is key in supporting adults and children. Communication books, maciton and also just simple signs as thumbs up for YES and thumbs down for NO, are all useful and powerful ways of communicating. However you have to make sure you develop these skills with an individual before the disease itself begins to develop severely.

A service user:
Is anxious or angry – I would sit the individual down reassuring them...
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