The Princess Is The Lady

Topics: The Doors, Conflict, The End Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: October 21, 2010
Dillon Russo
Period 1

The Lady or the Tiger? Questions

1. In the kingdom described in the story, what happens after a person is accused of a crime? If you are accused of a crime, you are thrown into an arena with two doors. One door contained a lady, and the other had hungry tiger. If you were innocent they would somehow be drawn to the door with a lady in it, and if guilty then they were drawn to the door with the tiger and be eaten. 2. For what crime was the young man thrown into prison?

There was no true crime commited what he did was fall in love with the king’s daughter but he was of a lower status in life, and the king didn’t want his daughter to play any part in that. So he had him choose his fate by picking between two doors. 3. When the young man was in the arena what did the princess do and what did he do? When the young man is in the arena the princess makes a quick movement with her right arm and only he sees this. What the young man does is make a few rapid quick steps towards that door that she signaled. That is the door that he ends up opening. 4. What did the princess know about the lady behind the doors? The Princess not only knew which door the lady was in, but she also knew who she was.

5. What question does the narrator ask at the end of the story? The narrator asks which came out of the door. Which is highly unusual, because he is basically make us decide how the book ends, and there is no concrete factual ending; it’s all your opinion.

15. My opinion of this story ending this way is somewhat confused because I’ve never had a book or a story end this way. I have had books where I have been satisfied with the ending, and then some books where I hated the ending. Never had a book where I chose the ending, I thought it was new and kind of fun. It made me think more about what happened.

1. This man has conflicts such as life or death. He just wants to be...
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