"The Prince" Questions

Topics: Political philosophy, The Prince, Praise Pages: 3 (1103 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Genesis Gonzalez
AP European History
29 October 2012

“The Prince” Project

Of the Qualities for Which Men, and Most of all Princes, are Praised and Blamed 1. Which qualities does Machiavelli say leaders will reap praise? Blame? a. Praise: courageous, merciful, faithful, religious, trustworthy, generosity, humane b. Blame: coward, miserliness, cruelty, treacherous, unbeliever 2. Which kind of qualities does Machiavelli recommend rulers to follow? Machiavelli recommends the rulers to follow the good qualities, unless needs to protect himself from a vice who would not lose the state for him or be prudent enough to escape a vice who would lose the state for him.

Of Liberality and Miserliness
3. Why does Machiavelli consider liberality dangerous?
Liberality is dangerous because if you give too much and always give then all your money will be gone. Use liberality in the right way or its reputation will hurt you. 4. When does Machiavelli say that rulers should be liberal in their expenditures? When should they be miserly? Rulers should be liberal with those whom he takes nothing from and miserly with the ones he gives nothing to. 5. Is it wiser to be viewed as liberal or miserly?

It is wiser to be viewed miser because it produces reproach without hatred and you do not end up poor.

Of Cruelty and Clemency, and Whether it is Better to be Loved or Feared 6. What is the danger in being loved?
The danger of being loved is if a prince has too much compassion and does not punish disloyal people, he will create a place of completer disorder because his people do what they please such as commit murder and steal. Crime hurts the whole community, but an execution only hurts the person who committed the crime. 7. Is it safer to be feared, or to be loved? Why?

It is safer to be feared because men are ungrateful, fickle, deceivers, and greedy for gain. When danger is far they offer up everything they have but once its closer to the prince...
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