The Prince and the Pauper

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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The Prince and the Pauper

The Prince and the Pauper was written by Mark Twin, a famous American Writer in the 19th century. It tells a story that happened in the time of King Henry VIII between a prince named Edward Tutor and a beggar boy named Tom Canty. In London in the year 1537,two boys were born on the same day.Tom was the son of a beggar,John Canty,and Edward was the son of King Henry.Because of some special reason, two of them looked amazingly alike. Although they were born on the same day, they lived different lives. Edward grew up in a palace and Tom grew up in a small,dirty room in a narrow street. These two boys looked like two different kinds of people that would never meet in this world. But life is sometimes tricky: the pauper and the prince did meet in the palace when they were both ten. That day Tom came to the Palace of Westminster,where the king lives.Through the great gates he saw Prince Edward.He came nearer,and a soldier pushed him away angrily . Prince Edward happened to pass by at the moment and saw what was going on. As a young prince who wanted to show his princely power as well as being sympathetic, he did not only command the guards to stop their doing, but also invited Tom to go into the palace. The two boys stayed in the palace and chatted for a long time while playing. They talked about their own lives. Edward was curious about the life of a beggar, and suggested changing clothes for fun. But then something unexpected happened, when the guards saw Edward running out of the palace in beggar’s rags, they threw their prince out of the palace. No matter how the prince explained about his identity, the guards didn’t believe him, and Edward had to leave the palace helplessly and sadly. Out of the palace, Prince Edward had many adventures and suffered a lot of adversities.He was caught by John Canty,who of course thought the prince is his own son , Tom . When Edward told him that he was a prince, John beat him hard and...
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