The Prime Importance of Home in the Upbringing of the Children.

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The prime importance of home in the upbringing of the children.

It is common knowledge that good upbringing starts at home. But some homes are not better than being homeless. It is essential for an individual to grow up in a stable home environment. The family is the natural environment of the primary socialization of the child, the source of material and emotional support, tool, storage and transmission of cultural values from generation to generation. From the first days of life family prepares child for life and teaches to ensure a reasonable organization of their lives, helps assimilate the positive experience of older generations, gain personal experience of behavior and life skills in general. When a family has a stable home environment it brings in love, joy, happiness, security, that parents and children both can enjoy. [] Parents influence the lives of their children in every aspect and leave an impression which remains throughout their lives. The seeds of thought which parents sow in the minds of their wards will go a long way in defining their courses of lives. As such, the attitudes of the parents will certainly be reflected in the activities of their children. This could be the sole reason, why parents are required to be role models for their wards. Parents can provide an atmosphere of reverence and respect in the home if they teach and guide their children with love. Parents should also provide happy experiences for their children. Because Parents are the first and the best teachers for any child.
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