The Primal Teen

Topics: Adolescence, Brain, Psychology Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Understanding and accepting the teenage brain takes substantial persuasion and a remarkable memory of one’s own adolescent years. Knowing about teenagers is one concept, but synthesizing your experiences with theirs and perceiving the logic behind their actions is another. Teenagers are a subculture with their ideas and actions alone. In The Primal Teen, Barbara Strauch makes her point valid by appealing to the audience about a familiar, and often unanswered topic, by using rhetorical connections and proven statistics. Although the teen brain differs from children and adults dramatically, Barbara Strauch makes the difficult times of the lives of everyone involved simpler and brings it to a more positive light.

Barbara Strauch has two teenagers and like other parents, she did not focus on the neurological reasons her teenagers were becoming very different people than they were (p. xi). She faced the trails and errors when raising them, and only thought that the infamous stage of adolescence was because of emotional and physical reasons. She realized that other parents of teenagers needed reassurance and needed to know that they were not going to read a book by someone with no experience with teenagers or statistical and factual proof of their behaviors. The subject of the book is important to her because she knows and understands that there is a dramatic change from childhood to adolescence, and many fail to understand why that is. She is an omniscient character to the situation many people experience.

Because the book title is The Primal Teen: What the New Discoveries About the Teenage Brain Tell Us About Our Kids, it is obvious that it appeals and speaks to parents of teenagers. Her primary audience is people who once thought that their teenagers were manipulating and disrespecting them because of a trend. Strauch appeals to her audience’s logos by giving real life situations of other parents of teenagers, and several quotes from them also. She gives them...
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