The Price of Happiness

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  • Published : December 22, 2013
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People all around the world work their hardest to ensure that they have a happy life for them and their families. Happiness as we know cannot be bought with money, but Ben L. Ashcraft states that everything in life comes with a price tag, including happiness, and through our choices we select the price we are willing to pay. Ashcraft refers to a quote by James E. Fraust who stated "If you're not willing to pay the price of success, you will pay the price of failure." Ashcraft says that being successful will lead to a happy life, although success has an up-front fee where not all beings are willing to pay, as opposed to failure where you are allowed a grace period before you are required to begin paying. He suggests developing a "long-term vision" in which people may see the result of their actions down the road. So does happiness have a price? it does, the price is the choices we make in our lives, the choice to travel the road of success of failure. Happiness cannot be bought with money, as cliché as it sounds it is absolutely true. The price of happiness can be paid by the choices we make in life. People always state that we pay the price of our mistakes , but we also pay the price of happiness. Ashcraft writes that being responsible, admitting to mistakes, apologizing, getting an education, telling the truth, making changes, repairing relationships, etc... are the cost of success. As simple and easy as they sound they might be truly difficult in some situations. For example, an employee in a company makes an unintentional error at his job that leads to a chain of mistakes throughout the place of work which causes major commotion and confusion. That employee, although being terrified of his mistake, admits the fault he has done, takes responsibility and becomes determined in fixing his blunder. By that difficult choice, he has shown that he can be a responsible and dependable being, which can be a major positive feature to his future in that company....
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