The President vs. a Bum

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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The president is a very important person. Homeless people are not. Society has many "rungs" on the so called "social ladder." A homeless person would probably be at the bottom. Where as, the president would be near the top. A rich and powerful man like the president means a lot more to the world than a homeless man. If the president were shot the whole country would cry, but if a homeless man was shot few would shed a tear.

The president of the United States known by everyone. He works and lives in the white house, which is in Washington D.C. The white house has 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms. President George Washington decided where the house was to be built in 1791. He is the leader of our country. He has a lot of responsibilities he must take care of every day. Some of which include, signing off on new bills and laws, and making sure they are enforced. When Congress sends him a new law, he may or may not agree to sign it. He lets Congress know about new laws he thinks should be passed. Leaders of other countries meet with the president to solve problems in the world by signing treaties. He decides how America will act toward other countries and he represents our country here and around the world. He is considered the commander in chief, which means he is the leader of our armed forces. They help to keep the country safe. He also flies his own plane. It's called Air Force One. It has accommodation for the president to eat, sleep, and work. Presidents through out time have played a major role in the history of the world. Homeless people are regular nobodies that have nothing to their name. They have no permanent place to live, so they stay where they can, often a shelter or free housing complex. They have been known to sleep in abandoned cars. Most homeless people have little to no responsibilities. Most of the time the only thing they look for is their next drink. You can see them outside of your locale gas station begging for change. They will say it's for...