The Predatory Nature

Topics: Hamlet, Characters in Hamlet, Gertrude Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: January 24, 2013
The people could be totally different, but the desire to achieve their aim, make them behave similarly. Claudius, king of Denmark, obtains his power by murdering his own brother and then marrying the king's widow, Claudius is worried because his nephew is acting suspicious, then he considers killing Hamlet to keep on the throne of Denmark. On the other hand, Hamlet prince of Denmark is devastated by his Father’s death. Hamlet sees the ghost of his father, who reveals that his uncle Claudius murdered him. Then Hamlet becomes thoughtful who makes strategies to uncover his uncle to seek revenge on him. The contrasts between Hamlet and Claudius behavior to accomplish their aim carry them to perpetuate similar actions.

Both, Hamlet and king Claudius become murders and they use strategies to reach goals. First, Hamlet and king Claudius kill others, one to gain power and the other to revenge. Claudius’ ambitious to get power is so strong that it doesn’t matter who is steps on to get it. “I have murdered my own brother.” (P.55) Claudius confesses, because he commits a murdered to gain the throne of Denmark’s kingdom. As well, Hamlet becomes a murder during the confrontation with his mother, when his mother Gertrude screams “Help!” Polonius who is hiding behind the tapestry, goes to help her but Hamlet thinks that it is the king and thrust his sword through the tapestry, killing Polonius. Second, they both use tactics and traps to uncover each other’s secrets. On one hand, Hamlet is developing a play as strategy to uncover his uncle “One scene of it is very close to the circumstance…of my father’s death.” (P.46) On the other hand, Claudius tactics is to send Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, childhood’s friends of Hamlet, to maintain him informed about the weird situation of Hamlet. “Perhaps you can Draw him on to pleasures and also find out…what is bothering him.” (P.24) The reason to send them is to spy on Hamlet because they’re people who have been close to...
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