The Praise of Folly: A Review

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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The Praise of Folly
The author of “The praise of folly” Erasmus, wrote this book not with the intention of starting wide spread theological debates but with the intention of showing how pointless these debates are. The book is written in first person so that Folly herself is the one who the readers/listeners (because the book is written as if she were speaking to a crowd) are hearing and not just some man acting like he knows more or is better than anyone else. The book addresses three different classes of people and how folly affects them. The first class is the regular people and women. The second type of people she calls out is the academic and higher standing social classes. The third and final group folly talks about are Christians and religious men. Folly is not saying anyone is a bad person for having foolishness in their lives, but she is calling out the society and how she is looked down upon while everyone not only takes part in folly, but folly is a necessary part of our lives.

One of Folly’s points that she brings up is women and how they are in and of themselves full of foolishness. “I, who am both a woman and folly herself, attribute folly to them.”(29) Folly later states that women owe it to folly for being far better off than men. Women’s beauty is a natural thing according to folly, she bring up how men grow beards, have course skin, and go gray in the hair as all signs of aging. While women have soft delicate feature which are almost eternal signs of beauty. According to folly all some men want from life is pleasure, and who can give them pleasure other than a woman who will have sex with them? No one according to folly, but the folly is not of men wanting pleasure. The point Folly makes is that a woman must have folly to have sex with a man(30) She says “Women have no other way of giving pleasure but through folly”(30). Women are not the only ones involved in folly in this first class of people; Folly also speaks of friendships, marriages,...
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